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About us

The world is constantly changing and we are changing with it – our residential needs as well. Institutional rental - highly developed in other European countries - can provide more than you think - the freedom to choose where you live and how long are you planning to stay. See for yourself and decide to rent a flat from Urban Home.


We believe that renting a flat does not have to be an art of compromise

Not even mentioning the constant adaptation to the requirements and expectations of a private landlord. We have analyzed the negative aspects of such tenancy and decided to propose an alternative, flexible solution.

You no longer have to be an apartment owner to finally feel at home

While being able to choose from different apartment option you can be certain that the terms and conditions of your rental agreement won’t change unexpectedly during the rental period. We will prepare your flat almost immediately and will be happy to say: Welcome Home!

We want you, no matter where you live, to feel comfortable and enjoy life the way you like it. During each project we analyze the needs of our future residents, which helps us to prepare flats that meet their expectations - your expectations. This allows us to introduce you to a new kind of comfort in a vibrant, energetic, and trendy neighborhood.


Find yourself a perfect home!

Define the criteria for your dream apartment and choose the one that meets all of them!