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Basic information

Who can rent an apartment with us? Any person over 18 years old whose income allows them to cover the fees and companies that rent to accommodate their employees.
Can I live with animals? Of course! We love animals ourselves, so they are always welcome with us. Unfortunately, due to safety requirements, we do not accept snakes, spiders and exotic animals at the moment, the presence of which may pose a threat to other residents of our estates.
For what period of time is the lease agreement signed? Most often it is 6 months, but we are always open to the needs of our clients. Contact our Leasing Consultant to talk about lease options from 3 months up to long-term.
Is there internet available in the apartment? Yes, each apartment is equipped with a standard high speed internet. For a small fee, it is also possible to additionally increase the link speed.
Is there a parking space / storage room assigned to each apartment? Not everyone has a car or the need for additional storage space, so this option is available for an additional monthly fee.
Is a deposit required? Yes, the deposit is collected before the apartment is handed over and returned after all payments are settled at the end of the tenancy. Its amount depends on several factors - information about the amount of the deposit will be provided by our Leasing Cosultant.
Is it possible to divide the deposit into installments? Unfortunately not. Before handing over the apartment to you, we will ask you to pay the deposit in full.
Are there any additional fees apart from the rental costs? Service charges (covering the costs of maintaining the building and its common parts) will be added to the basic rent, as well as the costs of utilities, i.e. electricity, hot and cold water, heating and a waste disposal fee. Utilities will be charged according to your actual consumption and according to the current prices of the utility suppliers.


Rental details

What is the process of finalizing the lease agreement? In order to sign the contract, we need to confirm your identity and verify the amount of income to determine whether the rent for a given apartment is at a level that is safe for you. We will try to complete all formalities within a maximum of 48 hours, so that you can move into your new apartment as soon as possible!
Can I rent an apartment with income from a source other than an employment contract? Yes, we honor income from an employment contract as well as mandate contracts and contract works. You can also rent the apartment if you run a sole proprietorship. Contact us if you need more information about the offer for companies.
How my income will be checked?
To confirm your earnings, we will ask you to provide a statement of earnings completed by your employer. You will receive the appropriate template from our Leasing Consultant. If it takes a long time to get a salary certificate from your employer, you can provide a copy of your current employment contract.
For other sources of income, ask the Leasing Consultant for the required documents confirming your earnings.
How long will my income data be processed by you? Information about your income will be processed by us until the contract is signed. After this time, the information will be deleted. If you want to learn more about how we process your personal data, please see our privacy policy.
For what purpose is my data verified in BIG Info Monitor? Verification of your data in BIG Info Monitor is carried out to make sure that you will be able to comfortably settle your rent payments. We verify your data to a very limited extent and we do not store this data after signing the contract.
How can I sign a contract? The rental agreement is always signed in a paper version, while in the case of accommodation agreements, we allow the possibility of signing the agreement on-line.
Are there any additional requirements or conditions for signing the contract? Usually not. In rare cases, however, we may ask you to provide additional contractual security. In such case our Leasing Consultant will provide you with all nescessary details.
Does Atrium Home charge a commission? No, all Urban Home apartments are offered directly, meaning there is no need to pay real estate brokers.


For our residents

Do I have to do all the repairs myself?
On the contrary! Please report all kinds of unintentional damage and defects to the Resident Guardian/Tenant Support. We will take care of the repair in the shortest possible time.
If a breakdown prevents the use of the apartment, does the Urban Home provide a replacement apartment? If the defect turns out to be so severe that the use of the apartment before the defect's removal, will not be possible (e.g., flooded bathroom or not working heating in winter), we will offer you a temporary substitute apartment for the same standard as the apartment you are currently renting.
Can I host guests? Of course! After all, it's about making you feel at home.
Can I switch the apartment in the middle of my contract term? If your housing needs to change during the contract term, contact the Resident's Guardian/ Tenant's Support - we will check the current possibilities for you.

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